Waena Waterfall in Heram Sub-District, Jayapura - Indonesia

A serene waterfall resides near to Sentani Lake, called Waena Waterfall. As the name suggests, it is located in Waena Village and belongs to Heram Sub-District. Plus, it is close to local camping ground (which becomes the icon of the site). Not to mention it is located behind a college called IPTN! With such strategic location, everyone can easily find the site, even without the help of a tour guide for sure. Once arriving at the spot, tourists can do many things like photography and relaxation. Some visitors even decide to get in the pond and play water in it.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Waena Waterfall is considered small (having the height of only 2 meters). However, it features an amazing atmosphere and landscape. The nuance is peaceful, and tourists can only hear the gurgling water and songs of birds there. The refreshing water and fresh air make it perfect for bathing, as well. Some rocks and stones scatter near to the waterfall, which often becomes a place for taking selfies. Here is the best thing. A camping ground resides near to it! That means people can conduct camping and exploring the waterfall at once!

Exploring Waena Waterfall
Due to the small size, Waena Waterfall doesn’t look as great as other falls. However, tourists can use it as the background for photography. Thanks to the serene nuance. Visitors can relax while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the site. The best allure of the site perhaps is the pristine and flawless beauty of the environment. Such unspoiled nature indeed helps visitors to get rid of stresses in an instant! Sometimes, the location becomes a venue for a pre-wedding photo session in fact.

The flow of Waena Waterfall is moderate, but it makes an interesting sound of gurgling water. Accompanied by serene nuance, it feels more peaceful there. Below the falls, tourists may find a crystal clear pond with a stunning river as well! The good thing is that they are allowed to get in the water and swim in it. There is only one rule. No one is allowed to spoil the water or littering there. Here is the thing. No facilities reside on the site, so tourists should have prepared several things beforehand including extra clothes, snacks, etc.

Another allure of Waena Waterfall is the presence of camping ground located near to it. In fact, the waterfall is the part of such campground. Thus, tourists should carry a tent and talk to the keeper of the site beforehand. Camping and sightseeing become a tour package when visiting the waterfall, after all.

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How to Get There
From Jayapura City, travelers only need to head to Heram Sub-District and visit Waena Village afterward. The distance is 11.4 km, so the whole trip may take only about 30 minutes. It can even be faster if they take Raya Abepura Street. As an alternative, tourists can ask the help of a tour guide to get the most efficient direction.

Where to Stay

  • Surya Hotel
  • Metta Star Hotel
  • Anggrek Indah Hotel

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