Asei Island in Jayapura City, Papua Province - Indonesia

Sentani Lake is quite well-known among local and foreigner tourists, especially those who often come to Papua Province. Being the biggest lake in the region, it offers both interesting natural attractions and legend. The fact is that the lake features some islands located in the midst of it, including Asei Island. Have no worries. With a small boat, tourists can reach the island from the side of Sentani Lake comfortably. Once arriving at the island, they can enjoy lots of fun activities including exploration, photography, and hear the urban legend from the locals.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Asei Island is small. However, several people live on the island by building houses on the side of the lake. That means tourists can find ample accommodations and facilities when visiting the island, for sure. When it comes to nuance, the island is both serene and pristine. It has hills, lush bushes, and several trees too. As for the villagers, they are friendly and often help tourists regarding the needs of foods and a place to stay. It is even cheap to rent a boat from them!

Exploring Asei Island
As for the tip, tourists should hire a local guide when visiting Asei Island. This person can help them regarding the direction and information, after all. For instance, the guide may tell tourists about the legend of Sentani Lake. It is said the local tribe who live in Sentani Sub-District came from the sky. They rode a giant dragon and landed on the lake. Later, the body of the dragon turned into small islands, including Asei. Moreover, people who live in Asei Island even proud of their history.

Aside from the history, people come to Asei Island in order to enjoy its nature. From the island, they can witness majestic views like Cyclops Mountains and serene water of Sentani Lake. Not to mention several boats are seen passing by on the lake, which creates a beautiful panorama. Now wonder, visitors are likely to enjoy photography and sightseeing while exploring the island. Even the villagers look happy and friendly (especially the kids). In the afternoon, these kids would swim in the lake passionately, too.

The next allure of Asei Island is the local art goods, especially wooden paintings. Tourists can meet the artists and buy the items directly from them, in fact. The paintings tell a story about the natural life of Sentani Lake, actually. Not to mention the artists only use natural ingredients to create the paintings. If visitors buy them directly from the artist, the price is even cheaper than those of Hamadi Market!

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How to Get There
For those coming from Jakarta, they can take an airplane and head to Sentani Airport in Papua Province. The flight may take about 8 hours, though. Once arriving at the airport, the next destination is none other than Sentani Lake. Next, they only need to rent a boat and visit Asei Island immediately.

Where to Stay

  • Carvin Hotel
  • Surya Jaya Hotel
  • Sabang Land Hotel
  • Metta Star Sentani Hotel
  • Endnit Hotel
  • J-Five Hotel

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