Base G Beach in North Jayapura Sub-District, Papua - Indonesia

It’s saddening to know that not all travelers are aware of the beauty of Papua Province. With a better promotion, Papua can beat other regions when it comes to tourism. For example, it owns a stunning beach located in North Jayapura Sub-District called Base G Beach. To be exact, it belongs to Tanjung Ria Village and offers an exotic nuance to visitors. Despite the secluded location, the beach has obtained good popularity among tourists (both locals and foreigners). Aside from the beauty, the beach also has an interesting history for tourists to learn during the visit in Indonesia.

The Nuance
Another name of the beach is Besji and it resides in the west part of Jayapura City, Indonesia. According to the locals, the beach is quite crowded in the afternoon (when the locals drop by after spending tiring works). Unlike others, it doesn’t have many visitors on Sunday morning as the locals tend to spend their time at the local church. Thus, outsiders and tourists can take advantage of such peaceful moment to enjoy the beach during the weekend. In terms of facilities, the beach features several gazebos and chairs that reside near to the coastline. The color of the sea is blue and it has a nice clarity. On the horizon, tourists can even enjoy majestic sunrise!

Exploring Base G Beach
One of the reasons to visit Base G Beach is to learn the history of the site. That means tourists can also find the meaning behind the name of it. It is said, during the World War II, General McArthur arrived in Humboldt Cape with his army. The purpose was to defeat Nippon Army at that location and he was quite successful back then. The reason was none other than the presence of a reliable basecamp located near to the coastline, called Base Guinea or Base-G. No wonder, the name remains until now.

Tourists are also interested to visit Base G Beach due to its crystal clear seawater and unspoiled environment. Even the sand looks exotic, coming in white color and soft texture. No wonder, most visitors would explore the site and conduct beach walking once they get to the beach. Still, beach walking is not the only activity that tourists can do on the site. These include swimming, riding a boat, fishing, and snorkeling. Thanks to the good visibility of the seawater. Tourists can explore wonderful underwater scenery during snorkeling to their heart’s content, including tropical fishes and corals.

After enjoying water sports, visitors can simply sit and relax under the shady trees located near to the coastline. The beach features several types of trees after all, especially Barringtonia Asiatica.

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How to Get There
From Jayapura City in Indonesia, travelers can directly head to North Jayapura District. Next, they only need to visit Tanjung Ria Village and reach Base G Beach right away. The distance is 18.5 km, so the trip may take about 40 minutes. As for the best route, it is Setiapura II Street.

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  • Tirta Mandala Hotel
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