The Provincial capital of Jayapura is built on hills which slope down to the sea and is accessible by boat and place. It was here that General MacArthur assembled his fleet for the invasion of the Philippines during the Second World War.Regular flights to other major parts of the archipelago are available with Garuda and Merpati Nusantara Airlines.

Papua Provice (Irian Jaya) is a hot, humid island rising from the sea with some of the most impenetrable jungles in the world and yet also has snow caps covering 5,000meter - high mountain peaks, towering over glacier lakes.


Triton Hotel
Jend. A. Yani Street 52, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 33218, 21218

Sentani Inn
Raya Sentani Street, Jayapura

Natour's Hohl Numbai
Trikora Dok. V Atas Street, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 34185, 21394

Agung Hotel
Argapura 47, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 33777

Asia Hotel
Perikanan 1 8, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 22277

Irian Plaza Hotel
Setiapura Street 11, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 34649, 2157

Matoa International Hotel
Jend. A. Yani Street 14, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 31633, 2233

Sederhana Hotel
Halmahera Street 2, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 21291, 22357

Wisma G.K.I
Sam Ratulangi Street 6, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 33574

Dafonsoro Hotel
Percetakan Street 20-24, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 31695

Jayapura Hotel
Olah Raga Street 4, Jayapura
Phone: (0967) 21216


The Honai Resort
Hom-Hom - Pikhe Street, Wamena
Phone: (0969) 31515,31516

Jayawijaya Hotelama
PO. Box. 57 Wamena

Sri lestari Hotel
Trikora Street, Wamena

Baliem Palace
Trikora Street, Wamena
Phone: (0969) 31043

Balian Cottages
Thamrin Street, Wamena

Wamena Hotel
Trikora Street, Wamena
Phone: (0969) 31292

Syarial Jaya
Gatot Subroto Street, Wamena

Nayak Hohl
Gatot Subroto Street, Wamena


Irian Hotel
Prof. Moh. Yamin Street, Biak
Phone: (0961) 21139

Titawaka Hotel
Moh. Yamin Street, Biak


Mapia Hotel
A. Yani 23 Street, Biak
Phone: (0967) 21383

Latest News

Trekking Tips in Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat area, West Papua, in addition to its beautiful underwater panorama, the plains also have amazing charm. The karst hills at first glance look like cones, scattered in clear green waters. Deep blue water lagoons around it looks so wonderful. Tropical rainforests with endemic fauna of Raja Ampat such as the waigeo cuscus (Spilocuscus papuensis), the red bird of paradise (paradisaea rubra) and the bald bird of paradise (cicinnurus respublica) are also there. In addition to snorkeling, travelers can trekking to enjoy climbing spots on a cluster of…

Organic Papua Arabica Coffee Full of Benefits

The fertile land makes Indonesia rich in plantation products, especially upland plantations such as coffee. One of the highlands in Indonesia turns out to produce the best Arabica coffee, low in acid and caffeine. Some coffee lovers and observers say arabica coffee from the highlands of Papua is one of the best coffees Indonesia has. Arabica coffee grown in the peak area of Jayawijaya mountains has acid levels that close to zero, and low caffeine. Because the higher the place, the better arabica coffee will be. Arabica coffee is grown…

Kapsul Waktu Monument in Merauke Regency, Papua Province

For those who want to spend a vacation in Merauke Regency, they indeed need to find information regarding the most recommended tourist sites in that region. As for the reference, there is the famous Kapsul Waktu Monument in Kelapa Lima Village. The location is right on the city square, so it is quite accessible for everyone. Well, aside from the easy accessibility, the monument becomes famous due to other reasons, though. For instance, it is related to the name, which means the monument of the time capsule. Not to mention…

Merauke, A Beautiful City in the Eastern End of Indonesia

Known as the town at the east-most end of Indonesia. Merauke is the first town in Indonesia Archipelago that catches the first rays of the rising tropical sun. Officially, Merauke as the capital city of Papua province, Indonesia. Merauke as one of the goals in Papua must be visited and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Found on February 12, 1902 by a Dutch citizen who tried to live among the indigenous population of Marind Anim and Sohores. The name Merauke itself is said to originate from an anecdote among Dutch settlers and indigenous. At…

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