Harlem Beach in Depapre Sub-District, Jayapura City - Indonesia

Sentani Lake is considered one of the best tourist attractions located in Papua Province. Actually, it also offers beautiful nearby vacation destinations as well. For instance, there is Harlem Beach in Tablasupa Village and it belongs to Depapre Sub-District. Due to its beauty and popularity, many tourists even call it a little piece of heaven of Jayapura! Despite the rough accessibility, no one would regret visiting the beach during holidays. It even feels like spending a vacation on a private beach, surrounded by pristine nature and flawless seawater. Here is further information related to Harlem Beach.

The Nuance
Once arriving at the beach, travelers would be astonished by its serenity. The coastline features soft-textured sand, having the color of light brown. When it comes to seawater, it features calm waves and sloping contour. The color of seawater is green Tosca, which appears so exotic and stunning! Near to the coastline, tourists can see shady trees and dense bushes as well. Not to mention several boulders scatter in some parts of the beach. Overall, the nuance is quite jaw-dropping and it is suitable for relaxation and photography.

Exploring Harlem Beach
During the trip to Harlem Beach, tourists may find several food vendors on the roadside. It is recommended to buy some before heading to the beach, actually. Here is the thing. The only way to get to Harlem is only by sea. That means tourists need to reach Depapre Pier first and get a boat to reach the beach afterward. In the pier, they should bargain the fee for boat transport as well. The boat can accommodate about 10 people, so everyone can chip in to get a cheaper price.

It takes about 15 minutes to get to Harlem Beach by boat from Depapre Pier. Once arriving at the beach, tourists may see beautiful green Tosca seawater right away with its calm waves. Due to the clarity of the water, lots of fishes and corals are seen clearly! Even the sand of the coastline feels so comfortable for beach walking! No gravels are seen on the sand, so tourists can explore the beach barefoot. The length of the coastline is about 700 meters, actually.

For those who love water sports, they can enjoy both swimming and snorkeling in Harlem Beach. As mentioned before, the waves are calm and the seawater features a good clarity (which is suitable for diving). Once enjoying those activities, tourists can take advantage of shady trees to sit and relax while witnessing mesmerizing sea scenery, accompanied by breezy warm wind.

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How to Get There
From Jayapura City, travelers need to spend about 2 hours and 10 minutes to get to Harlem Beach. The distance is 57.5 km, after all. It can be faster if they take Raya Abepura Street, though. During the trip, many fruit sellers are seen on the roadside (selling fresh fruits like rambutan and duku).

Where to Stay

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