Hamadi Market in Jayapura City, Papua - Indonesia

Located near to Jayapura City and Sentani Lake, Hamadi Market becomes a nice vacation destination for those who visit Papua Province of Indonesia. This public market definitely has an important role in retaining the economic turnaround of Jayapura as well as in accommodating both locals and tourists when it comes to buying souvenirs and basic needs. Especially for tourists, the market offers numerous types of local art goods that they can buy during the vacation. The best thing is that the items come at an affordable price! Even bargaining is quite possible there.

The Nuance
Once arriving at the market, tourists can see beautiful ornaments and art goods displayed on the stands right away. They look unique, for sure. The fact is that Hamadi sells almost all types of trinkets that belong to local tribes. These include traditional weapons, necklaces, hair ornaments, etc. In terms of aesthetic, they are indeed valuable. Thus, without a doubt, tourists are going to spend some money for those items. Have no worries. Most sellers are able to speak English, so foreigners can buy without any troubles there.

Exploring Hamadi Market
The presence of Hamadi Market has helped tourists to get unique items that they want. That means they do not need to visit secluded villages to get those art goods anymore. The sellers gather in the market and offer various types of local trinkets to buyers. Moreover, these sellers are ready to take orders for any items that tourists can’t find there. They would ask the buyers to wait for a while so that they can get the items by visiting a particular village located near to the market. Such impressive service given by the sellers makes the market more popular, for sure.

As mentioned before, the market offers almost all types of traditional ornaments owned by different tribes of Papua Province. The most popular one is Asmat’s totem, which looks both unique and mystical. Other famous knick-knacks that tourists can get from Hamadi Market are Raja Ampat’s Cendrawasih, Wamena’s Noken, and Sentani’s wooden paintings. All of them are valuable and worth the money, for sure. Thus, it is good to spend some money to buy those items.

Why is the price cheaper than other places? It is because the sellers get the products directly from the artists or makers. No distributors involve, so the price is considered affordable to buyers and tourists. It can even be cheaper if buyers can do bargaining well. For foreigners, it is better to come with a local guide so they can get a better price before purchasing.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The good thing is that Hamadi Market is located quite near to Jayapura City in Indonesia. The distance is only 11 km, so the trip only takes about 25 minutes or less. As for the route, the best one is Raya Abepura Street. There is no need to hire a local guide, as the accessibility is quite easy to get to the market.

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