Watching Sentani Lake Festival in Jayapura City, Papua - Indonesia

Many travelers have recognized the beauty of Sentani Lake, located in Papua Province. Well, they have a different reason to love the lake, though. Mostly, it is because of an interesting festival called FDS or “Festival Danau Sentani”. This annual event has become a regular attraction in the lake, in fact. Plus, it is famous among both locals and foreigners (those who come from Netherland. The festival occurs every June in the midst of the month and it lasts for about 5 days! Therefore, tourists need to choose the right time to come to Sentani Lake. Otherwise, they would miss such attractive festival.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, FDS is definitely merry due to the presence of tons of audience and participants. It is done on the side of Sentani Lake, featuring numerous types of traditional rituals, local dances, and culinary. Some attractive boats are also seen on the lake, which are the participants of the carnivals. Even traditional songs accompany the event beautifully! The good thing is that everyone can join the festival regardless of the age, gender, and origin.

Enjoying Sentani Lake Festival
As for tourists, Sentani Lake Festival becomes a nice attraction when spending a holiday in Papua Province. Why do the locals hold such event regularly, though? According to villagers, the main purpose of the festival is to retain the unity amongst tribes living in Papua Province. It is because these tribes had a bad history in the past (often got involved in wars). With the presence of the festival, all local tribes can participate and appreciate each other’s uniqueness merrily. So, what is the procedure of the festival?

In a nutshell, Sentani Lake Festival has three major agenda. These include cultural performances, an exhibition of art goods, and tours. Aside from being the tool of peace, FDS also acts as a prime allure to both local and foreign tourists. Hopefully, it increases the number of visitors to Papua Province over time. As the result, hotels and local businesses would grow well due to a high number of tourists who come to the site. That means FDS helps the growth of the local economy, as well.

The best thing is that everyone can witness or even join Sentani Lake Festival. Not only it is entertaining, but the festival also teaches them various types of local performances and unique traditions owned by Papua Province. Here is the fact. Approximately, 16 tribes would join the event and they would show their arts and performances proudly.

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How to Get There
Before visiting Sentani Lake for the festival, tourists need to make sure to come at the right time. From Jakarta, they can take an airplane and head to Sentani Airport. This flight takes about 8 hours, so it is going to be a long trip. Once arriving at the airport, they can ride a local transportation service and visit the lake immediately. Hiring a local guide is recommended, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Carvin Hotel
  • Surya Jaya Hotel
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  • Metta Star Sentani Hotel
  • Endnit Hotel
  • J-Five Hotel

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