Emfotte (Love) Lake in Sentani Sub-District, Jayapura City, Papua - Indonesia

Visiting the easternmost province of Indonesia (Papua) indeed becomes a new experience for most travelers. In this case, everyone should make sure to visit Sentani region where they can find many beautiful natural attractions including Love Lake or Danau Cinta Emfotte. The real name of this place is Emfotte Lake, actually. The locals gave the name based on the shape of the lake, which is similar to a heart or love! No wonder, tourists often come to the site to take pictures of such unique lake as well as enjoy its beauty.

The Nuance
The fact is that Emfotte Lake is not the only ones that have the shape of a heart in Indonesia. However, it becomes the only one in Papua Province. Due to such uniqueness, travelers definitely won’t miss the chance to visit the site during a vacation in Sentani. In terms of nuance, the lake features calm water and serene atmosphere. Not to mention grassy hills surround the site, featuring some trees as well. In a nutshell, the location is perfect for relaxation and sightseeing! In fact, not many people are seen on the site, so the ambiance is quite peaceful.

Exploring Emfotte (Love) Lake
For first-timers, it is recommended to come to Emfotte Lake with the help of a local guide. One of the reasons is that the lake resides in a secluded area, featuring winding routes. Thus, a local guide can show the direction and help tourists to get to the location efficiently. Such difficulty, though, becomes an attraction to adventurers. That means tourists can witness numerous landscapes and natural views during the trip to the lake. These include the savanna, Teletubbies Hill, a group of wild deer, etc.

Once arriving at the site, tourists may see a serene lake with a cool atmosphere. Even the nuance feels so relaxing there. One thing, visitors should pay the entrance fee to the keepers. Even though the lake has not become an official tourist site, some villagers manage the site and take money from tourists. Have no worries. The fee is cheap, and it is nothing to compare to the whole attraction offered by the lake.

In order to see the shape of the heart of the lake, tourists should climb the hill and reach the top of it. After all, the shape of the heart can only be seen from that place. Despite tiring, the views from above are quite rewarding. Some visitors even take such opportunity to take pictures and conduct pre-wedding photo session!

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City of Indonesia, travelers can take a plane and head to Sentani Airport in Jayapura Regency. The flight may take about 8 hours, but tourists need to drop by in Makassar first for a transit flight. Once arriving at Sentani Airport, they can simply take a local transportation service and head to Emfotte Lake right away.

Where to Stay

  • Carvin Hotel
  • Surya Jaya Hotel
  • Sabang Land Hotel
  • Metta Star Sentani Hotel
  • Endnit Hotel 
  • J-Five Hotel

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