Teletubbies Hill in Waibu Sub-District, Jayapura - Indonesia

Indonesia has several Teletubbies Hills located in different regions, including the one that resides in Papua Province. This one is located in Dayo Lama Village and belongs to Waibu Sub-District, actually. The location is near to Sentani Lake, so all tourists can find it easily. People have a different method to enjoy the beauty of this hill, though. For example, they may take a plane and witness the scenery from the window of the plane. Another interesting method is that tourists would conduct short trekking to reach the top of such wavy hill.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Teletubbies Hill offers grassy landscape with wave contour. Once tourists reach the top of the hill, they can feel the refreshing air witness breathtaking views of nature. The best view perhaps is the magnificent Sentani Lake itself! During the right time, tourists can even see a formation of clouds that surround the hill beautifully. The good thing is that the hill features a lane for motorcycles. That means tourists can reach the top by such vehicle instead of walking. However, some people choose to enjoy trekking as compared to ride the motorcycle.

Exploring Teletubies Hil
Some tourists choose to witness Teletubbies Hill from afar instead of visiting the site directly. It is because they want to get a different point of view during sightseeing and photography. In this case, the best spot to visit McArthur Monument. From the site, tourists can take pictures of the hill and witness its landscape clearly! One thing, they must conduct trekking in Cyclop Mountain to get such great views. Despite tiring, it is quite rewarding!

The next interesting method to enjoy the scenery of the hill is by riding a boat at Sentani Lake. In this case, tourists should spend some money to pay the boat fee. Have no worries. Other passengers would chip in, so the price becomes more affordable. Not to mention the atmosphere feels merrier due to the presence of other tourists on the boat. Do not forget to carry a camera, so you can take good pictures of the hill from the boat. There is another option, which is riding a plane. However, it is quite expensive and requires much preparation.

The most recommended way to enjoy the nuance of the hill is none other than trekking. That means tourists would climb and explore the hill directly. The atmosphere feels nice due to the breezy wind and cool air of the highland. The presence of vehicle lane helps tourists to reach the top of the hill easily by motorcycle, as well. It is more comfortable than hiking, in fact.

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How to Get There
The distance between Jayapura City and Teletubbies Hill is 33.7 km. That means the trip may spend about an hour to get to the site. Their first destination is Waibu Sub-District. Later, they only need to visit Dayo Lama Village and conduct trekking to the hill right away. As for the best route, it is none other than Raya Abepura Street.

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